16 Feb

Olive business blossoms

By Andrea Bennett, When Clifford C. Graber first came here from Indiana, he lived in a tent on his land. He built his house and planted citrus trees as the burgeoning industry that would later define the region was catching on more than a century ago. It was a different fruit, though, that would occupy […]

07 Feb

Australia, Victoria expects bumper olive crop

Western Victorian olive groves will yield 1000 per cent more than last year. Drought in 2007 meant fruit couldn’t set on the trees. Grove owner Deirdre Baum, from Laharum, says this season the trees are healthy and bearing fruit because of timely rain. “This year, the trees have had bit of rain at the critical […]

29 Jan

A store about olive and nothing else in Toronto

Article by Nicole Visschedyk, Photo by Peter J. Thompson, If you think the new Olive and Olive Oil shop is the ultimate in niche shopping, consider this: Not only is every item in the store olive-based, but it all comes from one small village in Northern Turkey. Mehmet Uzel, who opened Toronto’s first olive-only store […]

08 Dec

Turkish Olive oil sector struck by internal fighting

Once ranking forth after Spain, Italy and Greece, Turkish olive oil production suffered a setback. Now it ranks sixth after Syria and Tunisia. As olive oil consumption is on the rise world wide globally, efforts are underway to increase Turkey’s share in global production. But the necessary transition to modern harvesting is slow and the […]

06 Dec

Adopting an Olive Tree helps to protect the environment

After Nudo, an organic farm in the green hills of Umbria, Italy, proposes an unusual gift idea for Christmas: Adoption of an olive tree, a present that will help to preserve nature. The olive tree is one of the oldest cultivated plants of humanity. Since antique times it is a symbol for peace, longevity, health […]