22 Dec

Spain: Adulterated olive oil warning in La Roija

The Guardia Civil in La Rioja has warned about the possible sale of adulterated olive oil in the area. 550 litres of oil has been found in large container labelled ‘Astispumante 1510’ and it comes after the theft of 1,750 litres of oil was reported in the area on December 18. The oil was found […]

23 Nov

Processing Olive Oil in Italy

Here you can actually see every step in the process, Beginning with the giant stone wheels crushing the olives. Next the olive paste is spread onto mats which are stacked up then squeezed together, forcing out the oil. A centrifuge then separates the water from the oil, it’s that simple! [Source] Click here

20 Nov

Harvesting Olive Oil in Tuscany

By Courtney Walsh, Italians live longer than most people. They also consume huge amounts of olive oil — a staple of the Mediterranean diet. https://videopress.com/v/WdLvHPlB Most Italians are convinced that the two are related. Indeed the ancient Romans so revered olive oil they once used it for currency. Nowadays Italian olive oil is sold throughout […]

01 Sep

Bruce Cohn of BR Cohn Winery & Olive Oil Company on BlogTalkRadio’s Recipe Box Show

BlogTalkRadio’s The Recipe Box Show with host Barbara Howard will feature an interview with Mr. Bruce Cohn. The show will broadcast live via the internet on Wednesday, September 2, 2008 at 8:00 pm EST. Callers are welcome to listen to the conversation during the show by calling (646) 378-1299. The live, Internet talk-radio show will […]

28 Aug

Tasting Sicilian Olive Oil

CMN Video: Tasting Sicilian Olive Oil Part 2 – Planeta by CulinaryMediaNetwork