13 Oct

Is Olive Oil The Healthier Choice?

Could olive oil be your way to healthy eating? Chief Alex Rodriguez of Miami’s Baptist Hospital and a slew of others think so. Alex loves to cook, and he loves to cook healthy. So at Miami’s Baptist Hospital he serves up lean meats and loads of vegetables with a splash of olive oil. “I use […]

05 Oct

Pickling olives Milkwood style

The video who explain how to pickle Olives step by steps! or click HERE And all the explanation can be found HERE Thanks to Nick

27 Sep

East Coast Olive Oil grand opening

On Thursday, the East Coast Olive Oil Corporation celebrated its grand opening at Rome’s Griffiss Park. The company, originally based in Utica, is part of the number one private label olive oil supplier in the world. A new 185-square foot facility is home to more than 150 employees and that number is expected to increase. […]

24 Sep

Torres y Ribelles, a Spanish Olive Oil Producer

Presentation of Torres y Ribelles, one of the oldest Olive oil company in Spain

18 Aug

Fête de l’olive à Nyons

Trouvé dans les archives de l’INA, c’est toujours intéressant à voir ou revoir :o)