22 Mar

Montenegro: Olive trees 7 centuries old are endangered

By V.L.

In the area of Budva municipality, according to estimates, there are about 45.000 olive trees.
Budva – The sale of immobile property in the area of metropolis of tourism, especially of big land parcels in the hinterland of Budva, Petrovac, and Sveti Stefan has brought a serious question about the survival of olive groves, which are endangered by the negligible constructors.

In the past half a year there were several incidents of not allowed cut of olive trees which, according to unofficial estimates, in the area of Budva there are about 45.000.

On Miriska glavica 20 trees were cut, the same as in Buljarica, behind the tunnel. On Podlicak above Milocer, 30 trees were removed, on Podvrijesno on Kamenovo 24, while on Sveti Stefan recently 20 trunks of olive trees have been cut. All of them were old between 350 and 700 years.

The most recent incident on Sveti Stefan, when the unknown investor who has bought the land from local people, cut the trees, the problem of preservation of olive groves is again in the center of attention.

Law forbids cuts of olive groves – said the main Republic agricultural inspector Spaso Raspopovic.
When they were reported about the incident on Sveti Stefan, he added, the main agricultural inspector was on the spot of the incident.
However, considering the fact that the parcels on which are olives are being sold we couldn’t determine on the spot who is the owner of the land, and by that we couldn’t have taken the legal measures in our authority. We went to the Direction for real estates that is to their area offices in Budva, which should come out with a geometer and mark the parcel in order to see who is the owner – said Popovic. He added, that after that the inspection would file a denunciation for cut of olives.

After that the denunciation will be sent further to the judge who is in jurisdiction of offences who will determine the level of the punishment – stated Popovic.

On Montenegrin coast two agricultural inspectors have been engaged in Kotor and Bar who are controlling the application of the Law on olive grooving.

Popovic called the members of Association of olive growers and citizens to denounce the cases of non allowed cuts.

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