09 Apr

Olivenol Shows Promise in Treating Severe Skin Disorders From the Inside Out

We have talked about Olivenol in February, today when researchers in Japan undertook a study to research the effect of Olivenol on inflammatory diseases, they made an exciting discovery.

Study participants who suffered from severe skin disorders – psoriasis purulenta, erythema nodosum and allergic dermatitis – experienced marked improvement after just a few months of taking two Olivenol capsules daily.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 7.5 million Americans are affected by psoriasis. There is no cure for the disease, and no treatment has been developed to efficiently treat and prevent it. The current treatments have unpleasant and even toxic side effects. That makes CreAgri’s news all the more ground-breaking.

Olivenol™ contains CreAgri’s proprietary ingredient Hidrox®, polyphenols formulation recovered from the juice of organic olives, and rich in hydroxytyrosol — the polyphenol with the highest free radical protection ever reported for an antioxidant compound.

CreAgri’s discovery confirms that healthy, beautiful skin can be achieved by using an approach that works from the inside out. This clinical research illustrates the potential use of olive polyphenols in the treatment of severe medical conditions. Realizing the importance of this discovery, Dr. Crea, Founder and Chief Scientist of CreAgri, held the release of the study results until a patent application could be submitted and made public. The use of hydroxytyrosol-rich olive polyphenols for the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions is now patent-pending worldwide.

“We believe that this discovery may lead to a better understanding of some skin problems, especially those related to immune and auto-immune mechanisms,” Dr. Crea stated. “It could ultimately provide a deeper knowledge of psoriasis and its medical treatment.”

Hidrox®, the proprietary formulation featured in Olivenol™, is marketed worldwide by DSM Nutritional Products for dietary supplement and food applications and by EMD Merck for cosmetic and skin care products. CreAgri has maintained commercial rights for applications in the medical field and intends to develop products that may alleviate the problems associated in skin aging, wound healing, burns, and other skin disorders.

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