31 Mar

Ranzo Italy: Olive Oil Festival

The Olive Oil Festival will be held from 3rd to 6th April in Ranzo in Imperia’s hinterland. Arrived at the 6th edition, this year this big festival is yet again promoted by Ranzo Council, the Region, Province and the Mountain Community of the Alta Valle Arroscia

Many olive oil producers of Ranzo , well known in the world of olive-growing, will be involved in this event. There is a rich program for these olive oil days, starting the 3rd of April at 8pm with a meeting in the “Sala Pro Loco”, entitled “Nuovo piano di sviluppo rurale” (New plans for rural development), supervised by Riccardo Jannone, manager of the agricultural political section of Liguria Region, also speaking Giancarlo Cassini, Councillor of Agriculture and Civil Protection of Liguria Region.

Friday 4th April, in the “Sala Pro Loco” a meeting with the Training School for the Hotel Trade “G.Giolitti” of Mondovi, which, starting from 10 o’clock, together with Dott. Antonio Fasolo will open the doors to the olive oil tasting. Sunday the 6th at 4pm at the ‘Sala Pro Loco’ the concluding meeting of the event with a speech by Agnese Vinai, Mayor of Ranzo, and Giovanni Allegro, Vice Mayor.

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