13 Apr

International Council of Olive’s meeting will be held in Iran

Thirty-first meeting of this council will be held in Tehran in the month Khordad for two days.

(IANA) – “After this meeting, which will be held with participation of representatives and specialists of member countries of this Council, an intensive training course regarding non-irrigated cultivation of Olive in Iran will be held,” said the executive manager of International Council of Olive, according to the Public Relations of Islamic Republic of Iran’s embassy in Madrid.

“Visiting the specialized fairs of Olive in Tehran and leading gardens in Shiraz will be of lateral programs of the meeting,” continued Mohammad Ahmad Asbitari.

He referred also to the efforts of Iran in developing the cultivation of Olive and announced the readiness of secretariat of the council for cooperation in all fields with Iran.

Seyyed Davoud Salehi, Iran’s Ambassador to Spain announced the readiness of Iranian embassy in Madrid for cooperation to successful holding of the meeting.

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