24 Apr

Spain: Sales of organic olive oil increased

In Spain, approximately 8.5 million kilograms of organic olive oil were put on the market in 2007. This quantity made olive oil the most important product regarding economic value and trade volume generated in the organic sector. According to the data of the Andalusian Committee for Organic Agriculture (CAAE), sales of this product increased by 39% in 2007.

Organic olive oil was exported to 31 countries, mainly to France, followed by Italy, which has significantly increased its imports to 1.1 million kilograms, and to the United States (0.9 million kilograms). For the first time in 2007, Greece also started buying organic olive oil from Spain, with a volume of over 160,000 kilograms. The domestic market has grown to reach over 2.3 million kilograms.

With about one million hectares, the olive oil sector involves more than 20,000 operators active in production, processing and marketing.

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