05 May

Sovena USA, Inc: New name for olive oil business at Griffiss Park, CA

There’s a new name for the East Coast Olive Oil bottling and packaging plant at Griffiss business park, but that’s all that’s changing, says a company official.

The company that moved to Rome from Utica last year and has about 160 employees is now known as Sovena USA, Inc.

“Really, it’s just a name change,” Eryn Balch, marketing manager, said this morning. The change comes as part of a global re-branding initiative among East Coast’s partner company Nutrinveste’s business groups under the umbrella name of Sovena. Nutrinveste of Portugal, one of the leading olive oil companies in the world, bought 80 percent of East Coast in 2005.

Sovena has no other operations in the United States besides the Griffiss facility, according to Balch. The local plant, a major U.S. importer of olive oil, is part of the new Sovena consumer goods division.

“The new name and group image allows us to more easily communicate our global reach and resources, as well as how those benefits support our local efforts and abilities,” Steve Mandia , Sovena USA chief executive, said. “The company has the same people, the same shareholders, the same philosophy, and the same address. All that has changed is the name.”

The Mandia family founded East Coast Olive Oil in 1991 in Utica, moving to Rome last year when it outgrew its land-locked location in North Utica.

Balch said the Griffiss plant has seven production lines in operation six days a week. It packages and distributes olive oil for retailers nationwide, including stores like Wegmans and Price Chopper.

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  1. keren Says:

    You all used to sell 35# jugs of Safflower and Sunflower oil. I think you discontinued these products…Why, and where can I buy these from Now.

  2. glenn a. seeley Says:

    Michele- quality control,

    Need to hear from you about the C.P.R. class that was taken together. Need some info.


  3. Joan Primiano Says:

    I grew up in a household many years ago where my mother used nothing but Gemma peanut oil with 10% olive oil. I was lucky enough to every now and then find it in a market. i have traveled to a distributor in Brooklyn n.y where I would buy 2-3 cases. Last time I found Gem corn oil in Pathmark supermarket. I am down to my last 96ozs. can you assist me in locating a distributor or market where I may again purchase at least 2 cases. I have fount it in Rhode Island once while visiting my daughter. I live in Massapequa N.Y. a suburb just east of New York City. I would appreciate any help you can give me as to where I may purchase Gem/ Gemma oil.
    Thank you
    Joan Primiano
    49 So. Chestnut Street
    Massapequa N.Y. 11758

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    Love your olive oil, cannot find any coupons, can you help?

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