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27 Oct

Olive Oil Cops – Italian police can taste fake olive oil

Twenty members of the Italian NAS food piracy unit have graduated from a special course laid on by the Italian National Olive Oil Association Unaprol. Police said the group graduated from a course taught by the National Olive Oil Association Unaprol that included instruction on how to taste fake extra-virgin olive oil and how to […]

04 Oct

Make sure you pick the right olive oil

By Chef Nino, There is probably nothing more breathtaking than seeing and participating in olive oil production from the tree to the bottle. Miles of terraced hillsides are meticulously cultivated with the finest olive trees in the world. Olive trees can reach heights of 50 feet and often live for 500-600 years. The oldest living […]

20 Sep

Olive Oil Sector Could Be Shaken Up By New Labelling Rules

The European olive oil market could be set for a shake up if new labelling rules proposed by EU officials come into force. The rules would make origin labelling compulsory for virgin and extra virgin label olive oil, and could come into force as early as July 2009. The move could provide a boost for […]

16 Sep

Spanish Conquest Squeezes Italian Olive Oil

By Davide Berretta, Over the past five years, Italy’s biggest olive-oil brands have fallen steadily into Spanish hands. SOS Cuétara SA’s July purchase of Bertolli, one of the world’s best-known olive-oil labels, gave the Spanish food company control of half the Italian market and made it the world’s undisputed leader in olive-oil sales. The Spanish […]

12 Sep

EU to help consumers identify top quality olive oil

By Jeremy Smith, Europe’s olive oil producers may soon have to mark their best-quality brands with origin labels to stop consumers being misled about where the oil comes from, EU officials said on Friday. Next week, EU experts will vote on whether to make origin labelling compulsory for virgin and extra virgin olive oils. If […]