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07 Dec

Italy toasts its love for life, with the best of olive oil

By Rasheeda Bhagat, It is with a lot of passion and zeal that most Italians speak about their cuisine and even wine. This borders on veneration when it comes to major producers of olive oil in Italy, as a group of 12 international journalists discovered during a recent olive oil trip to the Puglia and […]

05 Dec

The difficulty in finding the finest olive oil

By Alex Renton, Oil pressed from the first green olives is a taste like no other. But fraud means that finding a good one is hard. The green of the olive oil is shocking: like Night Nurse. Or Swarfega. You wouldn’t put it in your mouth if it wasn’t so reassuringly expensive. With reverence, we […]

24 Nov

New design for Oloves

By Catherine Dawes, Cowan London has redesigned the packaging for a range of olive snacks called Oloves. Oloves are the first natural olive snack to be packaged in a stand-up pouch. The pouches use a silver laminate, are wider than they are tall and contain 45g of olives. “The redesign focused on giving the brand […]

23 Nov

Processing Olive Oil in Italy

Here you can actually see every step in the process, Beginning with the giant stone wheels crushing the olives. Next the olive paste is spread onto mats which are stacked up then squeezed together, forcing out the oil. A centrifuge then separates the water from the oil, it’s that simple! [Source] Click here

20 Nov

Harvesting Olive Oil in Tuscany

By Courtney Walsh, Italians live longer than most people. They also consume huge amounts of olive oil — a staple of the Mediterranean diet. Most Italians are convinced that the two are related. Indeed the ancient Romans so revered olive oil they once used it for currency. Nowadays Italian olive oil is sold throughout the […]