23 Feb

Olive leaf juice could be edible oil antioxidant

By Stephen Daniells, Olive juice, obtained by pressing olive leaves, may act as an antioxidant to prolong the frying life of frying oils, suggests a study using sunflower oil. “The outcome of the present study suggests that crude olive juice can be used in practical operation to extend the frying life of frying oils,” wrote […]

22 Feb

Olive Oils Taste Test

Check out the supermarket aisle for olive oils, and you’ll be dazzled by dozens of drizzlers. So the Good Housekeeping Food Kitchen pros ran a blind taste test of 12 brands to find the best. The message: All extra virgin olive oils are not created equal. “Recently, we tasted a lot of extra virgin olive […]

21 Feb

Back From Sicily, Bearing Olive Oil

By Florence Fabricant, Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli, the owners of Frankies 457 Spuntino in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, right, and Frankies Spuntino on the Lower East Side, went shopping for oil last year — in Sicily. After tasting many varieties, they found a small family producer that could supply enough mellow oil from organic nocellara […]

13 Feb

California: SBOlive to open packing plant in Santa Maria

Olive company to open packing plant in S.M. By Malia Spencer, Officials with the Santa Barbara Olive Co. were set to purchase a building and expand their company south to Oxnard – until they saw what Santa Maria had to offer. Now, the firm is looking to take possession of a building on Skyway Drive […]

12 Feb

Lodi couple hoping to put city on food map with extra virgin olive oil

By Scott Kaul Photo Whitney Ramirez, When connoisseurs think of Lodi, they of course think of fine wine. But George Cecchetti and Karen Chandler are hoping that with a small crop of Manzanilla olive trees in their front yard and the power of small-town word of mouth, Lodi will soon be known for yet another […]