03 Apr

Slick suspect uses olive oil to rob store

A man found a unique, albeit illegal  use for olive oil this week, police said. He used a bottle of it to rob a convenience store. A witness was sitting in his car when he saw a man enter the store with a plastic bag wrapped around his hand, then drove away because he had […]

02 Apr

Olive Oil Spreads, an Healthy Substitute for Butter & Margarine

Dr. Eger Launches a Revolutionary line of Olive Oil Spreads that is based on a Technology Breakthrough that Maintains the Fatty Acid Composition. Using a patented oil solidification process, which retains their original properties of all of the ingredients, Dr. Eger announced today the launch of new and healthy olive oil spreads which come in […]

27 Mar

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Recipe by Gemma Luongo, Photography by Mark O’Meara Preparation Time: 20 minutes Cooking Time: 40 minutes

24 Mar

Harvesting and Production of Olive Oil in Aurigo, Liguria – Italy

22 Mar

Olive oil loses antioxidants after six months storage

A new study has discovered that if olive oil has been sitting on the shelf for six months, it can lose up to 40 percent of its health benefits. The research was carried out an analysis on several varieties of extra-virgin olive oil produced from groves in the Italian countryside at production and during storage. […]