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02 Aug

Olive oil great in any dish

Summer is the time many of us turn to cooking and entertaining. One ingredient you’ll need to have on hand all year long is olive oil. Keep the following shopping tips in mind when in a store:A bottle labeled ”extra virgin” means the oil has been made from the first cold pressing of the olives […]

02 Aug

Olive oil is olive oil is olive oil, right?

Not quite. There are essentially three types of oil. While there aren’t dramatic differences among them, each is suited for specific cooking needs, according to the North American Olive Oil Association: – Extra-virgin olive oil has the most full-bodied taste and aroma of all olive oils. It is often used in salads and on vegetables, […]

01 Aug

[Canada] Olive oil circuit runs nano-scale rings round silicon

By Simon Aughton, Scientists at a Canadian university have created the first ‘wet’ semiconductor device capable of outperforming conventional silicon chips, by ‘painting’ it onto glass. The University of Toronto (UofT) team cooked up semiconductor particles just a few nanometres across in a flask containing extra-pure oleic acid, the main ingredient in olive oil. The […]

29 Jul

Schnucks recalls jars of Spanish olives

Schnuck Markets, Inc. has voluntarily recalled Schnucks brand Spanish olives stuffed with minced pimentos in the seven-ounce jar. One lot code includes jars that may contain glass. Customers should check for: UPC 04131819001; lot number L5279/15:12; best by 10.06.08. Schnucks initiated the recall after being alerted to potential problems. There have been no reports of […]

25 Jul

Olive oil all year

It’s a delicious base for all your summer salads and marinades By Gail Ciampa, If you don’t think you should reach for olive oil for summer cooking, think again. As much as we love grilling, sometimes we tire of the same old, same old. You might find yourself discouraged paying for already marinated meats, or […]