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20 Jun

Organic farmer breeds foreign interest in olive oil

By Cynthia Busuttil, Organic farming might be a new concept for Malta but for Siggiewi born and bred farmer Joseph Borg it is something he has been practising for over two decades. Although coming from a family of farmers, Mr Borg distanced himself from the land and held different jobs before deciding to return to […]

20 Jun

In Paso, oil and wine can mix

By Jeanne Kinney, Joshua Yaguda, co-owner of Pasolivo Olive Oil, is proving that Paso Robles is more than wine country. Yaguda, his wife, Joeli, and his mother, Karen Guth, run the 140-acre Willow Creek Olive Ranch, where each year about 50 laborers are able to hand-pick up to 10 tons of olives a day. After […]

18 Jun

Olives For the Perplexed

An interesting post from a blog… A lot of Americans don’t like olives. This is because the olives most of us are subjected to suck. I probably didn’t have a truly great olive until I was in my twenties. Now, they are almost a staple food in my diet. I’d like to share some of […]

17 Jun

Things to do with olives

It’s been a staple of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine for thousands of years because, as Mark Hix finds, there’s no end to what you can do with an olive No one is sure where the olive tree originated, but it has been grown all over the Middle East and Mediterranean since time immemorial. More […]

16 Jun

L’algérie malade de son agriculture

L’Algérie peine à relancer son agriculture malgré les efforts entrepris par l’état algérien depuis l’indépendance pour le développement d’un secteur agricole qui n’a jamais réussi à assurer l’indépendance alimentaire du pays.