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14 Jun

Stella Cadente Wins Best of Show at Oils of the World Competition

Stella Cadente Olive Oil Company announced today that they have been awarded the Best of Show at the 67th Los Angeles County Fair, Oils of the World Competition, for their Italian extra virgin olive oil in the ‘light’ category. The Los Angeles County Fair had more than 400 extra virgin olive oils submitted for judging […]

14 Jun

L’olive dans tous ses états

Par Maya GHANDOUR HERT, EN LIBRAIRIE – « De l’olive au hammam », de Youmna Jazzar Medlej, illustré et mis en page par Joumana Medlej C’est l’histoire d’un petit fruit qui se décline en deux couleurs, le vert ou le noir (en fait il paraît que les olives vertes et les olives noires ne correspondent […]

13 Jun

D-8 countries stress olive and saffron cultivation

By Javed Afridi Delegates from the D-8 countries have highlighted the importance of olive and saffron cultivation in potential areas, saying that necessary resources required for research and development activities should be provided to stakeholders. The delegates said this at a two-day seminar on ‘Olive and Saffron Cultivation in D-8 Countries’, organised by the Pakistan […]

13 Jun

Olives, emus and snails power Chile’s move into health markets

By Paul Harris, Olivier Leleux shades his eyes from the intense Chilean sun while riding horseback through olive groves on a mountain near Catemu in Chile’s Aconcagua Valley, an hour north of Santiago. This is perfect olive country, he says: it has no olive fly (which harms fruit) and the extreme day-night temperature difference is […]

12 Jun

Oroville’s Own

By Mary Weston His fascination with olive oil began when his father bought property with 20 acres of olives in Oroville.”I grew up in Humbolt County, and I wanted a farm,” Jamie Johansson said. He had majored in political science at Colorado State University in Denver, and he realized he didn’t want to be an […]