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11 Jun

No more Italian labels on our olive oil, Greece says

By Raphael Ermano, With an annual production of 400,000 tonnes, Greece is the world’s third largest producer of olive oil not that consumers ever realise, given the country’s habit of selling the bulk of its exports to Italian retailers, who treat and package the product under their own labels.

09 Jun

Olives Recipes from Claire MacDonald

Olives are eaten year round, but somehow they epitomise Mediter- ranean tastes redolent of summer warmth and sun. I love both green and black olives, but I confess that black ones are my favourites and of those I like Kalamata olives best.The superb taste of their juicy flesh makes them superior to all the others. […]

09 Jun


Massimo Gargano, 43, a member of the national board of Coldiretti (national association of farmers) is the new president of Unaprol, the largest and most representative consortium of olive growers at a European and world level.

08 Jun

World seminar on olive cultivation on 12th

PESHAWAR: The two-day international seminar on Olive and Saffron Cultivation of D-8 countries would be held here on June 12-13, said a press release of Provincial Oilseed Directorate on Thursday. Participants from members of D-8 countries Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey would attend the seminar. After the inaugural session, the participants […]

08 Jun

Tunisian Olive oil : An age old tradition

Here an interesting article for investors concerning the Olive’s Oil potential: Tunisian olive oil : So many advantages, strong potential • 1.6 million hectares of olive lives • 56 million olive trees • 745,000 tons of olives produced annually on average • 173,000 tons of olive oil produced annually on average • 115,000 tons of […]