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25 May

Of olives and oils

By Tee Shiao Eek FROM the proverbial olive branch grows a small green (sometimes black) fruit. The essence of this fruit is in the oil, a pungent liquid of light green-golden colour, with a reputation that spans generations and cultures. In ancient times, olive oil was revered as a gift of the gods, for people […]

25 May

For the love of olive oil

Claudia Pharand spreads olive oil on her toast for breakfast. Sometimes she adds homemade jam or maple syrup. She cooks fish and vegetables with olive oil, whips it into a mean béchamel sauce, even uses it on her skin and hair for that extra healthy glow. She goes through one litre of the viscous green […]

25 May

Frost damage evident in NorCal olives

By Bill Krueger, There appears to be a geographical gradient from north to south with the problem being more severe in the north and getting somewhat less toward the south. Generally speaking, olive yields in the Sacramento Valley were lighter last year than the year before. This is in contrast to the San Joaquin Valley, […]

25 May

Big Hunter olive crop predicted

It has been a bumper year for Hunter’s olive industry, which is expected to produce a record crop. The Upper and Lower Hunter now has more than 200,000 olive trees producing table fruit and oil. This year’s harvest will finish next week and vice-president of the Hunter Olive Association, Mike Wilson, says yields are likely […]

24 May

State’s Olive Oil Tasters Flunk Test of Distinction

Stripped of authority to certify grades such as extra virgin, an industry panel weighs its future. By Jerry Hirsch, California’s olive oil police have been pulled over. An industry panel that for five years has certified the quality of California’s olive oil — discerning virgin from extra virgin oil — has flunked an international taste […]