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02 Apr

Olive Oil Spreads, an Healthy Substitute for Butter & Margarine

Dr. Eger Launches a Revolutionary line of Olive Oil Spreads that is based on a Technology Breakthrough that Maintains the Fatty Acid Composition. Using a patented oil solidification process, which retains their original properties of all of the ingredients, Dr. Eger announced today the launch of new and healthy olive oil spreads which come in […]

02 Apr

Olive Leaf Australia extracting healthy growth

By Alex Tilbury, There’s an olive grove in Coominya, near Wivenhoe Dam, with 550,000 trees in it producing an Olive Leaf Extract that’s a global hot seller, in Australia alone, $1 million in product is sold every month. A powerful antioxidant, 400 % more potent than vitamin C, the extract has many benefits for health […]

24 Mar

Bumper olive harvest expected in Western Australia

The Department of Food and Agriculture is predicting this year’s olive harvest will be one of the best in years. Harvesting near Dongara began at the weekend and will move further south to Gingin before wrapping up around June and July. The department’s Dick Taylor says production is expected to rise by 3,000 tonnes to […]

24 Mar

Harvesting and Production of Olive Oil in Aurigo, Liguria – Italy

22 Mar

Olives and Olive Oil Trivia

Test your knowledge with this little Trivia. A. What is the average life span of an olive tree? 300 years 450 years 600 years All of the above B. Which country produces the most olive oil today? Spain Italy France Greece C. How many varieties of olives are there in the world? 10 25 70 […]