22 May

California: The Olive Press earns top awards

Already known as the most highly-awarded producer of California extra virgin olive oil, The Olive Press once again earned high accolades and awards at the prestigious 2009 Yolo County Fair Olive Oil Competition held in April, with an impressive 15 medals in all.

the-olive-press-olive-oil-bottle-from-olives101Gold medals were awarded to an additional seven of the Sonoma-based company’s extra virgin olive oils including Ascolano, Koroneiki, and Sonoma Valley Blend along with Best of Class medals going to both Sevillano and Mission.

Gold was also awarded to Marquesa and Lunigiana Estate Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Silver Medals were awarded to Arbequina and Italian Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oils, along with Jalapeno Oil at this important competition.

All of the award-winning olive oils can be sampled and purchased at The Olive Press Tasting Room and retail shop, located on Highway 121 in Carneros adjacent to Jacuzzi Family Vineyards at 24724 Highway 121/Arnold Dr, Sonoma, CA.

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21 May

Australian Olive industry says MIS collapses won’t hold it back

The Australian Olive Association says the demise of orchard managers Timbercorp and Great Southern does not spell the end of the olive industry.

Managed investment schemes account for the majority of Australian olive production, and sparked the industry’s rapid growth over the past decade.

The Olive Association’s Paul Miller says the industry is now big enough to attract interest from other sources.

“We’re seeing enquiry from places like Indonesia,” he says.

“I’m hoping that our experience to date has started to put some runs on the board, and these people have now got some numbers and figures on which they can judge success and make some investment decisions.”

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20 May

India: Publicis bags 2009 mandate for International Olive Council

Publicis will be involved in the promotional campaign of Olive Oil and Table Olive in India for 2008 -2009.

With the slogan “For a Tastier and Healthier Tomorrow,” the campaign is focused on the unique taste, quality and health aspects derived from table olives and olive oil.

The campaign is focused on the taste, quality and health aspects derived from table olives and olive oil.

“We are pleased to have agr! agro and Publicis as our marketing and communications partner. The expertise that they bring on board would help us in promoting the use of Olive Oil in India. We look forward to a long term and mutually beneficial relationship,” International Olive Council executive director M Sbitri.

agr! agro, an international agency specialised in the food and agricultural sector, and its partner Publicis Dialog will work together and will create campaign to promote the use of table olives and Olive Oil in India.

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19 May

Lindsay Olives seeks sales in snack aisle, too

By David Morrill,

Walk down the snack aisle of a local grocery store and you’ll find the usual canisters of peanuts, bags of chips and jars of salsa. If Lindsay Olives has its way, you’ll see their cans of olives as well.

lindsay-olives-snackOwned by Bell-Carter Foods Inc. of Lafayette, Lindsay Olives is in the process of trying to change its image.

The top U.S. producer of olives wants to maintain its classic feel, yet gear up to target a new generation of olive eaters.

“We understand there’s a heavy tradition with Lindsay Olives, but we also understand there’s a whole new market we can tap into,” said Ken Wienholz, chief executive of Bell-Carter.

Wienholz arrived three years ago and is the first nonfamily CEO. He believes there’s a way to make both long-standing and new customers happy.

“We want to give our brand a look that will not only connect with the older generation that has fond memories with us, but also excite a new generation of customers into looking at olives as a great snack food,” he said.

The company isn’t taking the move lightly. About $4.5 million is going to be spent on the makeover.

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16 May

Back to Business for Timbercorp Olives

By Sandra Godwin,

The Boundary Bend olive harvest was under way this week after a halt caused by Timbercorp’s financial woes.

timbercop-olives-harvestingAfter a three-day shutdown, workers at Timbercorp olive groves at Boort and Boundary Bend got back to the business of harvesting olives last week.

The harvest ground to a halt earlier in the week as Timbercorp administrator Mark Korda and grove managers Boundary Bend Management spent almost two days in the Federal Court in a bid to find a way to pay for it.

Boundary Bend executive chairman Rob McGavin said they struck a deal which ensured the rights of all parties were protected.

An initial proposal that the harvest be funded by the sales of oil from the crop was rejected in favour of a plan for Boundary Bend to buy the unharvested fruit for $15.5 million.

Boundary Bend will take the first $11 million from expected sales of $26.5 million of olive oil to cover its costs.

The balance will go to Timbercorp grower investors.

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