04 Apr

Olive Oil Eases Ride For Bypass Patients

By Charlene Laino, If you or a family member are scheduled for heart bypass surgery, stock up on the olive oil. That’s the advice of Greek researchers who found that an olive-oil-rich diet may lower the risk of having a heart attack or stroke or dying from cardiovascular disease in the month after heart surgery. […]

30 Mar

The new way to enjoy ancient olive

By Caroline Bellamy, Olives lower blood cholesterol and are also full of antioxidants which protect the heart, the therapeutic benefits of olives and olive oil have been known for centuries, Mediterraneans have long prized the small fruit of the Olea Europaea for its health-boosting properties. Now, those properties are being harnessed for use in supplements, […]

16 Mar

The humble olive

JAMES HIPKISS writes on the history, varieties and best ways to enjoy olives. Most Malaysians are familiar with olive oil. It is now commonly available in ever increasing varieties in nearly all supermarkets and specialist shops. However, the olive itself is not so commonly used here, and perhaps not so often seen in most Malaysian […]

05 Mar

Italian police crack down on olive oil fraud

By Malcolm Moore, Police in Italy have arrested 23 people and confiscated 85 farms in an operation that has exposed the scale of the country’s fraudulent olive oil trade. More than 400 officers took part in Operation Golden Oil after an investigation discovered as many as 91 people may have been involved in passing off […]

30 Dec

Oil of Life

Everybody knows that a Mediterranean diet is good for your health, and many equate this benefit with the heavy use of olive oil. But what hard scientific evidence supports this widespread belief? (Diet books don’t count.) In the current issue of Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, University of Athens professor Antonia Trichopoulou, a medical doctor […]