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01 Jun

The Olive – A Tree Of History

The olive is possibly the oldest cultivated tree in the world. It is believed that people in the Mediterranean region were cultivating olive trees before written language was properly developed. Certainly the ancient Egyptians had olive groves. From at least the time of Ramses II (1179 – 1165 BC),olive oil from the many groves aorund […]

23 May

Pure delight

California’s emerging olive-oil industry hears a call for quality surpassing “extra-virgin” that will stand out in a troubled, competitive market. By Jim Downing, Picture by Florence Low, Will American consumers pay more for olive oil that claims to be even more pristine than extra-virgin? Will they even be able to tell the difference? With the […]

18 Apr

Olive Oil: did you know that …

People living in the Mediterranean area who use olive oil as their main source of fat have the world’s lowest mortality rate due to cardio-vascular illness. Finland and the United States, where people consume the highest amounts of saturated fat, have the highest. Olive oil contains more monounsaturated fatty acids than any other fat or […]

18 Apr

Flavor flows from favorite olive oils

By Kathy Saunders, Wading through the olive oil options at grocery stores these days is as confusing as navigating a maze of olive trees. Olive oils, especially extra-virgin olive oil, became extra popular when doctors started touting the benefits of their monounsaturated fat. And let’s not forget that television personality Rachael Ray used the term […]

11 Apr

Are you an an olive oil virgin?

By Polly Campbell, Photos by Michael E. Keating, Here’s what you need to know to pick the best bottle for you Have you noticed how the olive oil section is bulging at the seams at your local market? On your weekly shopping trip, you can buy oil from around the world, in a wide range […]