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10 Apr

Spain: expert olive oil producers perform their age-old alchemy turning black fruit into gold

Deep in Andalucian olive country, expert olive oil producers perform their age-old alchemy, turning black fruit into gold. by Arpi Shively, The charmed life of a ripe Nuñez de Prado olive begins on a crisp late November morning above the town of Baena in Cordoba province, in the heart of Andalucian olive country. Over the […]

08 Apr

Cooking oils bubble over with increasing choices. Here’s a guide

By Christopher Markuns, Cooking oil used to be so simple. There was vegetable and there was olive. Today, simplicity has been supplanted by overwhelming options that can trigger almost comedic dilemmas. Dressing a salad? Will it be almond oil or walnut? Grapeseed is good. So is hazelnut. And if frying is on the menu, canola […]

06 Apr

CBS 2 Puts Olive Oils To The Test

If you’re in the market for olive oils, you’re likely to be dazzled by dozens of drizzlers. But which ones are the best to buy? CBS 2’s Consumer Reporter Kirstin Cole with the help of Good Housekeeping magazine performed a blind taste test of 12 brands to find the best. A common question asked with […]

05 Apr

olive oil: no longer confined to the kitchen

By Elyse Weidner, One product that can soften your cuticles, condition your hair, moisturize your body, diminish sun damage to your skin and serve as a shaving product is sitting in your kitchen. Extra virgin olive oil, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, helps soften skin without leaving behind clogged pores, extra grease or an overwhelming […]

05 Apr

Use olive oil grades as flavorful guides

By Gholam Rahman, Question: What’s the difference between regular and extra-virgin olive oil? If you’re not a gourmet cook, do you really need the extra-virgin kind? Answer: Extra-virgin olive oil is unique among oils in that it comes directly from ripe fruits of the olive tree. The fruits are milled and pressed by modern hydraulic […]