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13 Feb

Picking olives in Kandanos, Crete

by Vassilis Gialamaraki, Images by Jonxyz/scullywho/Kjersten Olive trees are an integral part of the Cretan landscape and a source of life and health to Cretans, symbolizing peace and fertility. So, on a sunny Sunday in January we went out to pick olives. My mother, Katharina, had planned this day for a long time. We were […]

10 Feb

Olive Oil has many uses

By Rachel Webb, I hope I ‘m not the only one, but before moving to the main olive growing area of Spain I thought that black olives and green olives were different varieties. But they’re not. My nearest town, Martos, is the olive growing capital of Spain. In the 50 km surrounding Martos they harvest […]

27 Jan

Cure your own Olives

By Mel White, One of the first things I noticed when I moved into my apartment here in Chula Vista, California-a few miles south of San Diego-was the fine old olive trees growing among the landscaped shrubbery and lawns of the neighborhood. “They’re Mission olives,” an old-time resident of the city told me, “refugees from […]

25 Jan

Sampling ‘liquid gold’

By Teddye Snell, Thomas Jefferson called the olive tree “the richest gift of heaven.” The man was a visionary – even when it came to choosing his favorite foods. Mediterraneans have known for centuries the virtues of using olives and olive oil, but despite Jefferson’s attempts to introduce the fruit in his day, Americans have […]

24 Jan

An offering of olives

By Abigail Leichman, Pic Peter Monses, Fruit of distinction: Olives come from six continents, and their preparation and flavors are a reflection of that diversity. The gleaming white bowl filled with five varieties of olives is a still life in greens, reds and purples. There is a scattering of acidic pepperoncini and chili peppers to […]