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12 Dec

The pressing matter of making olive oil

By Steve Petusevsky, I’ve been cooking with olive oil for more than three decades. But I never thought about what goes into producing it. This past week, I got to see where olive oil comes from and follow its production from tree to press. I was in Puglia, Italy, learning about olive oil from the […]

12 Dec

Give me an artisan olive in my martini

By Michael Bauer, Why aren’t martini olives given the same attention as the rest of the drink? From your postings, I gather that your cocktail of choice is the Negroni. However, I was wondering if you ever order martinis? If so, are you ever disappointed with the olives? I’ve been surprised to find that some […]

12 Dec

Olive, the food of the gods

By Rasheeda Bhagat, Any visitor to Athens, Greece, soon finds out that the olive tree and everything to do with it, be it the leaves, branches, olives or olive oil, is almost a kind of cult here. Considered the food of Greek Olympic gods, in Mediterranean culture the olive oil has been considered sacred for […]

26 Nov

Caltech pair press on with olive oil plan

By Elise Kleeman, Caltech undergraduate Dvin Adalian was feeling restless. With his friend Ricky Jones, he considered all manner of interesting distractions. In the end, inspiration lay just outside the door. Caltech is dotted with olive trees – trees, they noticed, with fruit just beginning to ripen. So the pair decided to make their own […]

25 Nov

Olive orchards proliferate in Spain

By Martha Proctor, Of the so many things to savor about our recent trip to Spain, I was struck by the dominant crop on the arid land. As our 747 approached Madrid, we looked down and saw huge orchards of olive and almond trees stretching for miles. The fruits of both trees permeate the Mediterranean […]