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08 Jan

The miracle of the olives

By Donald MacGillis, Before volunteering to help a relative or friend harvest olives in hilly Umbria, first-timers should visit the nearby Madonna dei Bagni church. Since the 17th century, its interior surfaces have been covered with hand-painted tiles offering thanks for recovery from accidents, often falls from ladders propped up against olive trees. Aside from […]

28 Dec

Tangy Olives Spread Goes Nicely With Sparkling Wine

by Andrea Clurfeld, Can you believe the amazing selection of olives we enjoy today at both area specialty markets and better supermarkets? It’s a brave new olive world in our area. I was at Dearborn Farms in Holmdel the other day and I couldn’t resist buying pounds and pounds of Greek, Italian and French olives […]

25 Dec

Olives by WHFoods

Olives Olives are harvested in September but available year round to make a zesty addition to salads, meat and poultry dishes and, of course, pizza. Olives cannot be eaten right off of the tree; they require special processing to reduce their intrinsic bitterness. These processing methods vary with the olive variety, region where they are […]

12 Dec

The olive has its day in the sun

By Leslie Gornstein, Special to The Times In California wine country, olive oil may be the new Chardonnay. Producers are offering tours and tastings. Squished together like grapes in a harvesting crate, the weekend wine-tasters are crawling along clogged California 29 through the Napa Valley. The olive trees lining the road whisper of the Other […]

12 Dec

Upscale olive oil is a great gift for your favorite foodie

By Cynthia Nims, It can be a little mind-boggling to cast your eyes over a grocery store shelf that is well stocked with olive oils and try to navigate the options. With an increasing array of olive oils available from domestic and international sources, we have a greater than ever selection to choose from, particularly […]