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23 Jan

Olive oil and honey ice cream

By Doram Gaunt, The surprising and delightful addition of olive oil to sweet dishes is a modern trend that is gaining momentum among leading restaurants abroad. Making this combination work requires delicately flavored oil of the finest quality. For ice cream with a soft, smooth airy texture, it is best to use an ice cream […]

22 Jan

DOP Olive Oils, Academia Barilla Style

by academia barilla chef, I think that Leigh has done a good enough job discussing the details of Olive Oil and its production. Now I’d like to talk about how to use DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oils in a culinary setting. There are two major distinctions I draw when using DOP Olive Oils in the […]

22 Jan

Lessons from the Tuscan Olive Harvest

By John Becker ’02 “Anche le olive verde?” I ask, the words awkward in my American mouth. The answer comes in the easy cadence of Tuscan Italian: yes, we also pick the green olives. This much I understand, the rest I need to look up later. But for now I turn my attention back to […]

20 Jan

Turkish Olives & Olive Oil

Olives Worldwide, there are approximately 10 million hectares where olive trees are grown. There are around 900 million trees, of which 98% are found in the countries of the Mediterranean, 90 million of which are in Turkey. In the harvest season of 2000-2001, the 80 million trees found in the Aegean region are expected to […]

20 Jan

Know your Olive

Italian chef Enrico Sartor shares some pointers on choosing the right label for your table With all the health benefits it is supposed to have, olive oil is being pursued like never before. Food connoisseurs are even going as far as buying the oil at its source or with the PDO (protected designation of origin) […]