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05 Mar

The Effect of Polyphenols in Olive Oil on Heart Disease Risk Factors

María-Isabel Covas, MSc, PhD, and Jukka T. Salonen, MD, PhD 6 March 2007 | Volume 146 Issue 5 | Pages 394-395 IN RESPONSE: We agree with Mascitelli and colleagues that an interaction between polyphenols from olive oil and iron metabolism could, at least in part, explain the reduction in oxidative lipid damage observed in the […]

02 Mar

You’ll be hard ‘pressed’ to find a healthier food

By Michael Devlin, The Ulster Herald Even Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, recommended the juices of fresh olives as a cure for mental illness and poultices of macerated olives for ulcers. And just last year Danish scientists found that adding plenty of olive oil to a diet could help protect against cell damage that […]

01 Mar

The Heart Of Italy’s Olive Tree Fields

By Steve Petusevsky, I’ve been cooking with olive oil for more than three decades. But I never thought about what goes into producing it. This past week, I got to see where olive oil comes from and follow its production from tree to press. I was in Puglia, Italy, learning about olive oil from the […]

28 Feb

Olive oil good substitute for other fats

If you want to know:Is olive oil a good choice when selecting cooking oils? How can I substitute oil in a recipe that calls for butter or margarine? What is the best way to store olive oil? How much total fat is recommended per day? Here are the answers from Susan Krumm,

26 Feb

Croatia: Nadin Olive Oil Champion Of “Olive 2007”

Champion title of the third international olive cultivators` competition “Olive 2007” went to Mile Vrsajko of Nadin. The champion was chosen in a competition from 1,012 samples of olive oil from Croatia and 10 countries of the word. Five olive cultivators, Emanuel Grubic of Bala, Andrijana Rubin of Jelsa, Vanja Dujc of the Slovenian Kopar, […]