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01 Aug

Once a luxury, now the zesty olive is indispensable

By Judy Schultz, Photo by Chris Schwarz, When I was little, olives were reserved for special occasions. Only New Year’s Eve and visiting priests rated stuffed olives, the queen of all pickles. The advent of Kraft Theatre on television moved olives down a notch or two on the specialness scale. Suddenly, everybody’s mom was using […]

31 Jul

Beyond olive oil: Specialty oils, from grapeseed to walnut, enhance flavor

By Jolene Ketzenberger, Olive oil just isn’t exotic anymore. Though it trumped vegetable oil as the U.S. consumer’s cooking oil of choice nearly five years ago, today’s oil options have expanded far beyond corn, canola and even extra-virgin olive oil. For healthfulness and versatility, says Indianapolis gourmet shop owner Jack Stearns, grapeseed oil is hard […]

22 Jul

All you wanted to know about Olives and Olive Oil

Here is a very complete article by Peggy Trowbridge Filippone, on Olives and Olive Oil which includes history, information on olive varieties, and usage tips. Part 1: The only difference between green olives and black olives is ripeness Long a symbol of peace, the olive branch brings us a marvelous, healthy fruit. Get up to […]

21 Jul

Food detective: Olives

By Sheila Keating, A firm, fruity olive is a beautiful thing, so why is it so hard to find? Purity of flavour is what olive-lovers crave, but frequently what is on offer is a plethora of antiseptic-tasting, flabby specimens, stuffed with synthetic pastes, or drenched with incongruous marinades. How do green and black olives differ? […]

14 Jun

Olives, Olives, And More Olives…

There are a sheer dizzying array of olives available on the market these days. And if you think there are just green olives and black olives, you're right, but think again – it certainly is not that simple. The different olives from different parts are completely different in every way. In the Italian riviera you […]