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04 Apr

Olive oil, your health, your kitchen

Extra virgin olive oil has become such a symbol of healthy eating that it is hard to believe that it was once accused of increasing the harmful cholesterol. It was a fat, so it had to be bad for us. Extra virgin olive oil has become such a symbol of healthy eating that it is […]

30 Mar

The new way to enjoy ancient olive

By Caroline Bellamy, Olives lower blood cholesterol and are also full of antioxidants which protect the heart, the therapeutic benefits of olives and olive oil have been known for centuries, Mediterraneans have long prized the small fruit of the Olea Europaea for its health-boosting properties. Now, those properties are being harnessed for use in supplements, […]

18 Mar

UC Davis launches center to nurture emerging olive oil industry

By Laura Kurtzman, After the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, the University of California, Davis established a research department that led to the flowering of the California wine industry now, it hopes to do the same for olive oil. The challenges to the emerging industry are significant. They include finding economical ways to produce fine […]

16 Mar

The humble olive

JAMES HIPKISS writes on the history, varieties and best ways to enjoy olives. Most Malaysians are familiar with olive oil. It is now commonly available in ever increasing varieties in nearly all supermarkets and specialist shops. However, the olive itself is not so commonly used here, and perhaps not so often seen in most Malaysian […]

14 Jan

UC Davis Launches New Olive Oil Center

Hoping to do for olives and olive oil what it has done for grapes and wine, the University of California, Davis, today launched the first university-based olive research and education center in North America. Plans for the new UC Davis Olive Center, which is part of the university’s Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food […]