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21 May

Mineral oil in land of the olive

By Nikos Xydakis, Although many jokes have been made about the sunflower oil contamination scandal, it is no laughing matter. It is not even an isolated incident, because along with the contaminated oil from Ukraine, we are also seeing large quantities of sunflower oil from Belgium – the heart of the European Union – being […]

19 May

My Oil of Choice, Olive Oil!

By June M. Lay, My oil of choice is Olive Oil, because while a fat is a fat when we refer to calories, not all fats (including oils) are equal when we refer to our health. I’ve chosen Olive Oil because it leads by a margin when we compare it to other oils that are […]

15 May

Live Longer: Eat An Olive Oil-Rich Diet

By Dr. Erin Elster, Anyone who has travelled to the Mediterranean can tell you about the wonderful, healthy food in that region. Much of the health benefits and flavor are due to the generous use of olive oil on salads, pasta, vegetables, fish, and almost anything else. Researchers are learning that people who consume olive […]

12 May

I am in awe of olives

By Gillian Hirst, I THINK at last count I had 10 different styles of olives in my pantry. They are the perfect snack food. We enjoy them with wine and cheese, add them to salads, roast them with vegetables and use them in pastas. I have a beautiful (if I do say so myself) recipe […]

08 May

Olive oil: a liquid market

Paul Levy notes that Italian olive oil output is declining and prices seem to be going up. Are recent EU regulations actually helping? A few weeks ago I received an alarming email from Armando Manni who makes what is certainly the most expensive olive oil in the world, and the one that a great many […]