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28 Jul

Only John Paul’s Olive Tree Flourishes on Mount

An olive tree on the Mount of Beatitudes blessed by Pope John Paul II is the only one producing olives this year, according to the forester at the site. Catholic Online reports in the Jubilee Year of 2000, Pope John Paul II made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land stopping at one point to bless […]

13 Jun

Olive Oil’s Many Properties

By Johann Fleck, Olive oil is the crowning glory for grilled seafood, a salad, over Feta cheese or other sheep’s milk cheese. It rounds out pasta dishes and vegetables, and is used to sauté and fry. There is hardly a Mediterranean dish that does not include olive oil in the recipe. As a result of […]

12 Jun

Good oil on taste and longevity

Know in ancient times as “juice of the gods”, olive oil has only enhanced its reputation over the years. While it may not be the ticket to immortality, there is evidence that it can lead to a longer and healthier life. “The traditional Mediterranean diet is high in olive oil and certainly there’s evidence to […]

09 Jun

Olive Oil 101

By Natalie Tadic, Shirley Bougourd knows olive oil. She tells me she’s still learning, that the past three years of running The Olive Pit, haven of oil and good taste in general, has been quite the experience; that she’s still taking in new information each day. But to the average lay person, Shirley knows her […]

02 Jun

Use olive oil to its full potential

Spain is the leading producer of olives and olive oil. It produces, on average, 1 million tons of olive oil annually. Spain’s more than 300 million olive trees cover more than 8,800 square miles – an area comparable to the size of Massachusetts. Experiment and discover what types of olive oil suit your tastes. The […]