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23 Nov

Olive Oil – the Golden Harvest

By Zainab Al-Arabi, While the seasonal olive tree harvesting isn’t over yet in the Gebel region, (depending on the gatherers timetable), the rush for olive oil this year is incredible. Everybody wants it. Even those who don’t like the taste of olive oil in cooking are ready to accept it this year. With the price […]

04 Oct

Olive Oil facts

From Tony Stallone, What makes a good olive oil? What is the difference between an extra virgin olive oil, 100 percent pure olive oil and a simple virgin olive oil? How should I store my olive oil? How long does it keep? What should I use it for? Here are the answers: A good olive […]

22 Sep

Easily Retrieve Olives From Jars

North Vancouver giftware innovator Mum’s Creations has introduced a new Olive Dipper to its product line. The metal utensil is coiled to act as a small sieve for removing olives from jars. The dipper includes the signature design of a coiled handle topped with a glass bead. The beaded finish comes in a wide assortment […]

22 Sep

Use olives for beauty leave sharks in the sea

“Dr. Susan Lark, a popular Internet physician, promotes squalane – an ingredient found in shark liver oil – for its ability to help skin “maintain its moisture and elasticity.” But squalane can be obtained from a much more abundant source: olives. [Source] Click here to continue and sign the petition

28 Aug

Jordan’s Olive production expected to drop by 40 per cent this season

The Kingdom’s olive production is expected to drop by 40 per cent this season, yielding some 124,800 tonnes, preliminary Agriculture Ministry estimates indicate. Known for its “alternate bearing habit”, under which olive production peaks in alternate years, this season’s produce was expected to yield more than last year, when the country harvested around 243,500 tonnes […]