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22 Sep

All you need to know about Olive Oil

Do you want to eat and live healthy? Many says olive oil, the cooking oil with the highest level of monounsaturated fatty acids, is the right product to ensure your healthy life. Here is all you need to know about olive oil. Olive oil is used abundantly in cooking, baking and marinating throughout the Mediterranean […]

14 Sep

Sicilians olive oil maker losing faith in United States

By A. Craig Copetas, Beneath the precious fruit of an olive tree planted in 1776 outside the mountain hamlet of Sambuca di Sicilia, Giovanni Di Bennardo mops summer dust from his brow and explains how he’ll make it to America. “I will only go when I’m a rich man,” said the 29-year-old manager of Di […]

13 Sep

There’s oil, then there’s “oil.”

By Jody Godfrey, Olive oil (not Popeye’s girl) is the “oil” and it is worth its weight in gold! The general health benefits of this oil are many as it is a monounsaturated fat. However, the fatty acid part of the story is just that … only a part. Cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) […]

06 Sep

Olive Oil, Your Health, Your Kitchen

By Núria Roig, Extra virgin olive oil has become such a symbol of healthy eating that it is hard to believe that it was once accused of increasing the harmful cholesterol. It was a fat, so it had to be bad for us. Fortunately, we left those times behind and now olive oil and most […]

23 Aug

What to look for in olive oil

Olive oil is different from other cooking oils in many ways. The most important differences to consumers and cooks are its heart-healthy properties and its taste. Unlike vegetable oils, it has one. It can be evaluated like wine, especially extra-virgin olive oil that comes from the first pressing of olives grown in one grove or […]