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19 Jan

Olive oil part II: the Mediterranean

By Evie Barkin, The first settlers predominantly used olive oil for their cooking needs because it was the oil available to them. Due to necessary growing conditions, olive oil comes from a relatively small area of the world. While indigenous to the eastern Mediterranean, olive trees have also been cultivated in the Middle East. Olives […]

17 Jan

Choose the Right Olive Oil for the Job

Characteristics vary with different blends and methods of preparation, giving a variety of flavors and colors. By Marlene Parrish, Extra-virgin olive oils can be confusing and good oil isn’t cheap, and instead of finishing a bottle at a sitting as you would a bottle of wine, a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil might stay in […]

17 Jan

Olive Oil May Boost Heart Health

Food containing olive oil can carry labels saying it may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, the government says, citing limited evidence from a dozen scientific studies about the benefits of monounsaturated fats. As long as people don`t increase the number of calories they consume daily, the Food and Drug Administration confirmed a reduction […]

17 Jan

Which Olive Oil to Choose?

There are so many different brands and varieties of olive oil on the store shelves. Which one should I choose? –Malka There are three grades of olive oil generally available in North America — Extra-Virgin olive oil, Virgin olive oil, and just plain Olive Oil, with no other description. Each is distinguished by its processing […]

10 Jan

Olive oil has a fascinating past; healthy, delicious present

By Evie Barkin, The story of olives and olive oil is complex. The origin of olive oil is a mystery, but cultivated olives date back more than 6,000 years. Described as liquid gold by Homer, in ancient Greece, athletes rubbed it on their bodies. Olive oil has been more than just food to peoples of […]