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08 Nov

Olive and sex fantasy

Olive, My Love How to cure an olive fetish. by Ashlea Halpern, I never met an olive I didn’t like. Whether they’re wrinkly and chewy with a bitter aftertaste or marble-smooth and sopping with brine, I love tugging them off a toothpick with my teeth, squeezing them between my lips and nibbling the pit like […]

20 Oct

Beauty secret is out of the olive oil bottle

Olive oil is turning up in a variety of beauty products. A team of testers wanted to know if it was better as an additive or alone. Ancient Hebrews used olive oil to light their menorahs. Athenians valued it more than water. The Catholic Church uses it in its sacraments. And you thought it was […]

14 Oct

L’olivier de Provence

Arbre sacré, vénéré dans toute la Provence, peint par Cézanne et Van Gogh, chanté et loué par Mistral et Giono, l’olivier est un des éléments les plus typiques du paysage et de la culture provencale.Symbole de paix et de sagesse, de persévérance (il resiste à tout ou presque, il peut pousser sur un sol aride, […]

13 Oct

Curing Olives at home

How to cure olives at home? Here a way from Seriously Good Blog

03 Jul

One Olive at a Time

From Pat Veretto, Here's a tip: I heard that American Airlines saved $40,000.00 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first class. One olive. $40,000.00 Picture it in your mind.