18 May

Italians seek to reclaim olive oil

A related posts here. ROME, Italy (Reuters) — When you buy a bottle of olive oil, the rolling Tuscan hills on the label and the “made in Italy” stamp should reassure you the product is as Italian as Chianti or Armani. In fact, there is no guarantee the oil is from Italy. That would change […]

15 May

E-growing – a revolutionary new project

This e-growing system is an innovating tool created by Adozioni Bioalimentari Italy to include the plant kingdom into a distance adoption method. A plant can be followed through its entire process of growth via internet. The project aims at consumers and professionals of the food business interested in the high quality of organic products. By […]

10 May

Italy: BioL – Organic Olive Oils in competition

Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Bari with the technical coordination of CIBI, the City of Andria presents the best organic extra-virgin olive oils from around the world in competition. An international jury of professional tasters from different olive oil regions in the world tastes and judges the oil. The days of the competition […]

08 May

What is a Mediterranean diet

Lately there is a lot of talk about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. But what exactly is that? Epidemiologic studies have shown that many people from Mediterranean countries can eat fatty diets and yet not have a high risk of heart disease. Spaniards José Mataix of the University of Granada and Francisco Javier Barbancho […]

06 May

Murky Italian olive oil to be pored over

By Malcolm Moore, The secretive world of Italian olive oil will be laid bare after the government insisted that every bottle should show where it comes from. Large olive oil brands, such as Filippo Berio and Bertolli, have long cultivated the image that its oil comes from rustic, rolling groves in the Italian countryside. Instead, […]