02 Mar

South Australian olive growers to pay new levy

A new levy paid by South Australian olive growers will help promote and further develop the industry. From this harvest, growers will pay a $4 levy on each tonne of fruit they produce. Olives South Australia president Lisa Rowntree says it will increase by a dollar a year for the next three years to eventually […]

11 Dec

BGU, Beduin make modern olive press

By Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, Ben-Gurion University researchers have launched a unique collaboration with Beduin entrepreneurs to develop a modern olive press in the Negev- just in time for the olive harvest. For the past two years, the Beersheba researchers have had professional ties with Negev Beduin in the production of olive oil. The multi-disciplinary BGU team […]

08 Dec

Croatia’s olive oil producers fight quantity with quality

Croatian olive farmer Sandi Chiavalon has high hopes of taking on the might and quantity of Greece, Italy and Spain with the quality of oil from his groves. The three European giants may account for more than three-quarters of global olive oil production, but Chiavalon is one of many young Croatian entrepreneurs readying their produce […]

30 Oct

Turning Waste Olive Stones Into Bioethanol

Olive stones (pits) could be the newest ethanol feedstock used in Spain and could give the olive processing industry an opportunity to turn the 4 million tons of olive stones it generates every year into a valuable asset. Researchers from the Universities of Jaén and Granada have now shown how this can be achieved in […]

16 Sep

Spanish Conquest Squeezes Italian Olive Oil

By Davide Berretta, Over the past five years, Italy’s biggest olive-oil brands have fallen steadily into Spanish hands. SOS Cuétara SA’s July purchase of Bertolli, one of the world’s best-known olive-oil labels, gave the Spanish food company control of half the Italian market and made it the world’s undisputed leader in olive-oil sales. The Spanish […]