09 Oct

Peruvian olives facing the United States market

According to estimates of the Foreign Trade Institute of Spain, United States consumes about 170,000 tons of olives annually, which accounts for over half a kilo per habitant. That could be explained because of the higher conscience of Americans about healthy products as well as the new preferences for exotic products. Therefore, olives are consumed […]

25 Sep

Turning olive pits into energy

After you’ve enjoyed a tangy olive, don’t throw away the pit – it could soon be providing a clean, green answer to heat and electricity production, thanks to technology developed by Israeli start-up Genova, now setting up its first pilot plant. The company, which was founded in September 2004, is headquartered in the northern town […]

18 Sep

California farmers go after olive oil mislabeled extra virgin

By Sudhin Thanawala, MARTINEZ, Calif.—Later this fall, Tom Powers will harvest his olives and press them into his Alhambra Valley brand authentic extra virgin olive oil with a distinctive peppery finish. “This is really high quality stuff,” says Powers, whose two varieties of Tuscan olives grow amid the dry, rolling hills of Contra Costa County, […]

11 Sep

Aussie olive oil popular in US kitchens

Americans are consuming two million litres of Australian olive oil annually. The startling statistic was revealed as part of a media briefing on Australian Extra Virgin – the new brand the Australian Olive Association (AOA) is hoping will help the industry grow across the globe. “America’s kitchens are now using a quarter of Australia’s annual […]

06 Sep

Dalmia launches Hudson Canola Oil in Punjab

Dalmia Continental Pvt Ltd (DCPL), a leader in the retail business of olive oil in the country, today launched Hudson Canola Oil in Punjab today. The oil is good for the heart. The chairman of the company, V N Dalmia, said the people of Punjab were familiar with Canola Oil. So the firm expects good […]