14 Jan

UC Davis Launches New Olive Oil Center

Hoping to do for olives and olive oil what it has done for grapes and wine, the University of California, Davis, today launched the first university-based olive research and education center in North America. Plans for the new UC Davis Olive Center, which is part of the university’s Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food […]

07 Dec

Morocco is an important player in the global table olives and olive oil market

Regarding table olives, Morocco is the second exporting country worldwide. Spain remains the market leader. For olive oil, Morocco is the fifth or sixth largest exporter. The Moroccan company SACIA is responsible for a large part of the national olive export. SACIA was founded in 1999 when the first machine for the production of olive […]

11 Nov

Table Olives: Production and Processing

This book covers the history, botany and agricultural aspects of the crop, summarising the techniques that have been developed to improve harvesting, processing and packaging of olives. Full details are provided relating to the physico-chemical and microbiological aspects of processing of each of the olive types. It will serve as a practical guide to agricultural […]

20 Oct

Slippery path when oils ain’t oils

By Sonya Neufeld, FRAUD. It’s associated with identity theft and bouncing cheques, but apparently it is also rife in the olive oil industry. Fake olive oil is an international issue, especially in Italy, the world’s leading importer, consumer and exporter of olive oil. Australia the largest consumer of olive oil per capita outside the Mediterranean […]

16 Oct

US Olives Sources Preferred Over Imports

Almost 40% of American Dietetic Association members surveyed say their confidence in the food supply has decreased over the past twelve months, according to a survey conducted by the California Olive Industry. The registered dieticians and nutritionists also indicated a strong preference for American food, with 66% saying that when presented with a choice, they […]