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01 Jul

Olives can prevent bone illnesses

New research suggests a diet high in olive oil, vegetables and fruit may help prevent osteoporosis. With poor diet one of the key factors in brittle bone diseases French scientists have discovered the antioxidants that are present in olives can help ward off the degenerative bone illness. While performing tests on the olive plant the […]

13 Jun

Olive Oil’s Many Properties

By Johann Fleck, Olive oil is the crowning glory for grilled seafood, a salad, over Feta cheese or other sheep’s milk cheese. It rounds out pasta dishes and vegetables, and is used to sauté and fry. There is hardly a Mediterranean dish that does not include olive oil in the recipe. As a result of […]

12 Jun

Good oil on taste and longevity

Know in ancient times as “juice of the gods”, olive oil has only enhanced its reputation over the years. While it may not be the ticket to immortality, there is evidence that it can lead to a longer and healthier life. “The traditional Mediterranean diet is high in olive oil and certainly there’s evidence to […]

10 Jun

Fighting cancer with olive oil

By Kim Pierce, Researchers with Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas recently partnered with their Italian counterparts in Naples to determine whether extra-virgin olive oil has anti-cancer properties. Why did they suspect EVOO, cooking celebrity Rachael Ray’s shorthand for extra-virgin olive oil? The researchers noticed that populations that follow a Mediterranean diet have a lower […]

06 Jun

Fair exports discussed at olive industry meeting

By Melinda, The international olive industry is one step closer to implementing regulations that will support fair exports and consumers interest. The step follows a hot topic session coordinated by the Australian Olive Association (AOA) at the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) annual meeting held in Seattle, USA, on 20 May. Paul Miller, president of […]