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22 Apr

Natural preservative from olives keeps fish fresh

By Stephen Daniells, Hydroxytyrosol, a natural polyphenol from olives, may extend the shelf-life of fish products to the same extent as synthetic preservatives, suggests new research. Fish is notoriously difficult to incorporate into formulations since the oil is highly susceptible to oxidation. The result is a fishy taste and smell which can be off-putting for […]

09 Apr

Olive oil prices set to decline in India

With the Centre reducing the customs duty on all grades of olive oil to 7.5 per cent from the previous rates of 45 per cent on virgin olive oil and 40 per cent on refined olive oil, prices of olive oil are likely to come down by up to 15 per cent on the stocks […]

04 Apr

Quality olive oil worth its weight in taste, nutrients

By Linda Hoffman, Olive oil is delicious and healthy, containing a monounsaturated fat, needed antioxidants and enzymes. We need to look for expeller first cold pressed oil, which means it has been produced without damaging heat and chemical solvents. The term “extra virgin” by itself is no longer sufficient to guarantee quality, as some imports […]

04 Apr

Olive Oil Eases Ride For Bypass Patients

By Charlene Laino, If you or a family member are scheduled for heart bypass surgery, stock up on the olive oil. That’s the advice of Greek researchers who found that an olive-oil-rich diet may lower the risk of having a heart attack or stroke or dying from cardiovascular disease in the month after heart surgery. […]

04 Apr

Olive oil, your health, your kitchen

Extra virgin olive oil has become such a symbol of healthy eating that it is hard to believe that it was once accused of increasing the harmful cholesterol. It was a fat, so it had to be bad for us. Extra virgin olive oil has become such a symbol of healthy eating that it is […]