12 Mar

Olive Oil: Nature’s Liquid Gold, the Latest Recession Rescuer

Earthquake sensitive Orey forecasts during turbulent times ahead people will forego fancy processed foods and go back to Mother Nature’s finest staple–olive oil. “This ancient elixir has been used for everything from cooking, health ailments to beauty aids and natural pet care,” she said. ‘The Healing Powers of Olive Oil’ author-intuitive Cal Orey isn’t surprised […]

10 Mar

Top 10 eco-friendly uses for olive oil

We’re all converts to olive oil and the health-giving properties it brings to our diets. But there are many more uses for the Mediterranean staple than you might think, and it can be used as a greener alternative to all kinds of everyday household products. Follow the jump for the full list. Shave. Olive oil […]

29 Feb

History affirms benefits of olive oil in diet

By Roy Pirrung, For many years health advocates have touted the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, at the base of that diet is olive oil. Since the Bronze Age, olive oil in the diet has been the cornerstone of health for many reasons. Many people dislike the taste and the thought that it contains saturated […]

24 Feb

Biogin’s High Content Olealife Series of Olive Polyphenols Introduced

Biogin Biochemicals has announced that it has been developing an Olive Polyphenol ingredient standardized, 50 percent that is now ready for market to expand the company’s available range of its Olealife Polyphenol series products. Thus far, Biogin Biochemicals has introduced both a 10% to 50% Olive Polyphenol specification. Both are extracted by water, and the […]

10 Jan

Olives fit in healthful diet

By Suzanne Havala Hobbs, We eat them on pizza and pour their oil over salads. They come in different sizes and colors, some stuffed with almonds, anchovies or pimentos. They’re olives, and despite all the ways we eat them, they still carry a few mysteries for some of us.”If olive oil is supposed to be […]