30 May

Mediterranean diet protects against diabetes: study

A traditional Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, vegetables and fish can drastically reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes, a new study says. In a study of more than 13,000 people, Spanish researchers found that people who strictly adhered to the diet had an 83 per cent reduction in their risk of developing […]

02 May

The Top Diet . . . for Your Ticker

Which does the best job of protecting your heart: a Mediterranean-style diet or a low-fat plan? Either approach is good for your health. But the Mediterranean type gives your ticker some extra protection. Here’s how. Cholesterol Buster The Mediterranean-type diet brought cardiovascular disease risk down 15% in a recent study, versus 9% for the low-fat […]

22 Apr

Natural preservative from olives keeps fish fresh

By Stephen Daniells, Hydroxytyrosol, a natural polyphenol from olives, may extend the shelf-life of fish products to the same extent as synthetic preservatives, suggests new research. Fish is notoriously difficult to incorporate into formulations since the oil is highly susceptible to oxidation. The result is a fishy taste and smell which can be off-putting for […]

04 Apr

Olive Oil Eases Ride For Bypass Patients

By Charlene Laino, If you or a family member are scheduled for heart bypass surgery, stock up on the olive oil. That’s the advice of Greek researchers who found that an olive-oil-rich diet may lower the risk of having a heart attack or stroke or dying from cardiovascular disease in the month after heart surgery. […]

30 Mar

The new way to enjoy ancient olive

By Caroline Bellamy, Olives lower blood cholesterol and are also full of antioxidants which protect the heart, the therapeutic benefits of olives and olive oil have been known for centuries, Mediterraneans have long prized the small fruit of the Olea Europaea for its health-boosting properties. Now, those properties are being harnessed for use in supplements, […]