28 Feb

Spain: Arrests reveal major black market for stolen olives in the Antequera area

C. Martín / J.Cano Nine Rumanians, resident in Fuente de Piedra, have been accused of stealing thousands of kilos of olives and selling them for sums below the market price. Criminal organisations operating in Andalucía have found a new way of getting rich quick in the area’s abundant olive harvest. The Guardia Civil has recently […]

25 Feb

Fruit Fly Threatens California State’s Olives

A pest is harming one of Northern California’s most important crops….and the problem seems to be growing. By Steve Milne, It’s a fruit fly that plagues olives. The bug first appeared in California 10 years ago and has spread across the state. Hannah Burrack is an expert on the olive fruit fly. She teaches entomology […]

29 Dec

Pakistani Government to enhance olive oil production

The government has planned to enhance olive oil production and processing areas in 12 districts of Balochistan to bring 6,000 acres land for cultivation of olive orchards. According to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture sources, during the five years, 675,000 plants in these districts which are considered as low delta crop for mass propagation […]

28 Dec

Olive harvest reported stolen

By Stevie Ipsen, An olive crop worth about $2,400 is reportedly missing after several men, posing as pickers from a local olive oil company, picked and drove away with 6 tons of olives. According to William Klarenbach, his mother’s 6-acre property on Flournoy Avenue consisted of manzanilla and mission olives that were simply loaded into […]

05 Nov

Off The Beaten Path: The Wolfskill Olive Ranch

“A tree will produce and produce. You can neglect it, abuse it, forget about it, not water it and it’ll still produce olives,” says Dan Flynn, a U.C. Davis scientist. They stand as immovable sentinels of the past. Many of these giant mission olive trees are almost four stories tall and at nearly a century […]