29 Aug

Tunisian Olive oil exports rise

Tunisia’s olive oil exports more than doubled in the first five months this year to 113,200 tonnes from the same period last year, official data showed. Olive oil represents half of the country’s farm exports, which account for more than 10 per cent of total sales abroad. The value of Tunisia’s olive oil sales abroad […]

28 Aug

Strategy formulated for regulating olive products sector

Regional experts, public officials and owners of olive oil presses convened this week to draw up a strategy for regulating the olive products sector and addressing environmental problems resulting from olive by-products. During the third meeting of the regional committee of the integrated waste management of the Olive Oil Pressing Industries Programme, participants discussed means […]

23 Aug

What to look for in olive oil

Olive oil is different from other cooking oils in many ways. The most important differences to consumers and cooks are its heart-healthy properties and its taste. Unlike vegetable oils, it has one. It can be evaluated like wine, especially extra-virgin olive oil that comes from the first pressing of olives grown in one grove or […]

21 Aug

Madera, CA: Olive price is up, but production mediocre

By Ramona Frances, Unlike other commodities in Madera County, the fruit from olive-bearing orchards will not lead to a “bumper” crop this year. The price may be good, but this year’s yields aren’t as impressive. “Some of the trees are looking good (this year), others don’t have anything on them at all,” said grower Jim […]

20 Aug

California’s 2007 olive crop

California’s 2007 olive crop forecast is 110.0 thousand tons, more than 4 times larger than last year’s crop. The bearing acres are estimated to be 31.0 thousand acres, resulting in a yield of 3.55 tons per acre. Although the 2007 California olive crop seems to be turning out lighter than originally expected, it is shaping […]